Mission Statement: The LAURA RECOVERY CENTER (LRC) exists to prevent abductions and runaways and to recover missing children by fostering a Triangle of Trust among law enforcement, community and a missing child's family.

The Laura Recovery Center is providing a hotline to report information on people missing as a result of Hurricane Ike. This data is actively shared with appropriate law enforcement agencies.

Some data may be inaccurate or incomplete. Please help us improve this data. We are updating and verifying the data as our resources allow.

To register a missing loved one or friend, or if you have information on anyone listed here, please call the LRC at 866-898-5723 or 281-482-5723.

In loving memory of Laura Kate Smither

The Laura Recovery Center has had over 900 persons reported to us as missing as a result of Hurricane Ike. The following list shows the persons that are still unaccounted for.

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The following flyers are those of persons still unaccounted for that were reported to the Laura Recovery Center as missing after Hurricane Ike and for who we have photographs.
Please help find Glennis Dunn - missing since September 12, 2008 from Crystal Beach, TX.
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Please help find Sandy D. Walton - missing since September 13, 2008 from Gilchrist, Texas.
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